The Wine Dark Sea

The Wine Dark Sea ::: Acoustic Music Records ::: CD 1478-2


The Wine Dark Sea
Acoustic Music Records CD 319 1478 2
Release: September 07, 2012
EAN: 4013429114780
Distributed by Rough Trade
Recorded 2012

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Master guitarist, composer and singer Dave Goodman teams up with harmonica maestro Steve Baker to create a heady mix of country rock, acoustic funk, blues and folk which exudes a powerful identity all of its own and yet defi es stylistic definition.

Goodman’s sophisticated and exceptionally versatile work on both acoustic and electric guitar and his inspired songwriting meet their perfect foil with Baker’s tasteful, arrestingly original harmonica parts.
The combination has clearly born fruit and on ‘The Wine Dark Sea’, both artists deliver what is arguably their finest work to date. It is rare that this level of instrumental expertise is combined with great songs, great vocals and state of the art production, but Goodman and Baker have clearly succeeded in pulling this off with a vengeance.

Both protagonists have long enjoyed a fruitful association with Acoustic Music Records.
Dave Goodman’s last solo CD ‘“Side Of The Road”:index.php?article_id=89&clang=0’ received excellent reviews and cemented his burgeoning reputation as a virtuoso instrumentalist and highly talented songwriter.
He is also a regular contributor to Acoustic Player and works closely with Peter Finger on numerous workshops and concert appearances.

Steve Baker has been on AMR since the mid 1990s, releasing four highly acclaimed CDs with the late great singer/guitarist Chris Jones as well as ‘King Kazoo’ with Dick Bird.

On ‘The Wine Dark Sea’, Goodman & Baker are brilliantly supported by Martin Röttger on drums and cajon and Oliver Spanuth on drums.
The CD also includes guest appearances by Big Daddy Wilson, Hanna Lunnon and Kolja Heins.

With ‘The Wine Dark Sea’, Dave Goodman and Steve Baker have created a work which transcends genre while remaining inherently consistent from beginning to end. Beautiful production and great songs, masterfully orchestrated, vocally and lyrically totally convincing.

  1. “Sweet Maybelline”:index.php?article_id=103&clang=0
  2. “Leavin’ On My Mind”:index.php?article_id=104&clang=0
  3. “Headin’ For A Fall”:index.php?article_id=105&clang=0
  4. “And She Said”:index.php?article_id=106&clang=0
  5. “The Shack”:index.php?article_id=107&clang=0
  6. The Letter
  7. Friends Departed (In memory of Lorenz Eberhardt, Ruby Rubart and Günter R. Meier)
  8. “Goodbye Gary”:index.php?article_id=108&clang=0 (In memory of Gary Moore)
  9. “Leave It All Behind”:index.php?article_id=109&clang=0
  10. The Mill Of The Stranger
  11. Hard Time Killing Floor
  12. “Maybe She’s Afraid”:index.php?article_id=110&clang=0
  13. The Shack Slight Return
  14. “Tiger By The Tail”:index.php?article_id=111&clang=0

All songs by Dave Goodman.
The Letter (Wayne Carson Thompson)
Hard Time Killing Floor (Skip James)
The Shack Slight Return (Dave Goodman / Steve Baker

Produced by Dave Goodman
Production assistance – Steve Baker, Martin Röttger, Florian Ihle
Recorded by Florian Ihle at FMI Soundservice Hamburg and Dave Goodman at Slydog Studio, Bremen
Mixed by Florian Ihle
Mastered by Dave Greenberg at Sonopod

Artwork/photography Manfred Pollert

Dave would like to thank for their support: Christiane and Kolja Heins, the Goodman family, Nico Baker, Steve Baker, Dave Vidal, Lars Elfendahl, Martin Röttger, Sanna Hallmann , Paul Lindsay, Michael Götz, Yamaha Music Europe, Big Daddy Wilson, Helga Blount, Richard Jefferson, Bettina Mohrmann, Georg Decker and Franta Javurek

Steve would like to thank: Dave for trusting me enough to make this record with me, Flo and Martin for their brilliant contributions, everyone at Hohner, Werner Grassinger, Joe Filisko, Ralf Fuckardt, Greg Heumann and Arie-Jan Folkerts. Special thanks to Nico and Gina. In memory of my father Alan Baker and my father-in-law Karl Pausmer.

Dave Goodman plays Yamaha guitars, MG lapsteels and Weissenborns by Michael Götz, Amistar resophonic guitars and Elixir strings.
Steve Baker plays HOHNER harmonicas exclusively. On this CD he used Marine Band Deluxe, Marine Band Crossover and Marine Band Custom Classic harmonicas, a Marble Max amplifier and custom microphones by B.B.Harpy and BlowsMeAway Productions.

Contact & Bookings:
Artist Management Nico Baker
Tel. +49 5198 1219

DAVE GOODMAN – lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitars,
9 string guitar, resonator guitar, lapsteel, banjo guitar, high string guitar (Nashville tuning) ,
Weissenborn, hand claps and bass
STEVE BAKER – harmonica, backing vocals
MARTIN RÖTTGER – cajon and drums
OLIVER SPANUTH – drums on ‘Friends Departed’, ‘Goodbye Gary’ and ‘The Letter’
BIG DADDY WILSON – vocals on ‘The Mill Of The Stranger’, backing vocals on ‘Hard Time Killin’ Floor’
HANNAH LUNNON – backing vocals and outro on ‘Headin’ For A Fall’
KOLJA HEINS – hand claps on ‘Sweet Maybelline’

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