Dave Goodman Band

Current CD „The Wine Dark Sea“, AMR 319.1478.2

Goodman’s fascinating combination of dazzlingly beautiful picking and emotionally convincing vocals, as well as his timeless original compositions, have earned him a well deserved reputation all over Europe as an acoustic guitar artist of the first water. With harmonica maestro Steve Baker and ace drummer Oliver Spanuth, he has found an exciting new line-up which allows him to present his sophisticated songs and complex music to full advantage. In 2012, Goodman and Baker released the highly praised CD “The Wine Dark Sea” on Acoustic Music Records. Since autumn of that year they have been appearing as a trio with Spanuth under the name “Dave Goodman Band”. The seemingly effortless interplay between the three is fluid and displays a remarkable sense of dynamics. From tender ballads to ripping excursions into bluegrass and Americana, from deep blues to kickass rock’n‘roll, the three musicians cover an extremely wide stylistic range and move between the different genres like fish in water. And although he’s very much at home in all of them, Goodman’s jazz background keeps shining through. Moving between sensitive accompaniment and dazzling improvisational solos, the band delivers riveting instrumental work which always revolves around the songs.

Dave Goodman
Canadian Dave Goodman is a true multi-talent. Whether as a guitarist, singer, composer or producer, his work is consistently characterized by both stylistic diversity and a remarkable level of artistic output. In autumn 2013 he was invited to appear on the German TV show Supertalent and was unanimously voted into the next round by all four jurors. Despite the heavily hyped setting, Dave remained visibly unimpressed by the media circus and delivered an unaffected and moving rendition of his composition “Song For Jimmy” which delighted both jury and audience. The power of his music carries its own conviction.

Goodman can look back on a long and chequered career as a professional musician. Born and raised in British Columbia, he studied jazz guitar in Vancouver and subsequently lived for several years in Hawaii and San Francisco, where he worked for the well known amplifier manufacturer Mesa Boogie in the R&D department as well as performing as an in-demand bluesrock guitarist with a veritable Who’s Who of the Bay Area blues scene including Jeff Healey and David Sanborn. Following a European tour with the Ford Blues Band in the late 1990s, Goodman relocated to Germany and devoted himself to the acoustic guitar, rapidly developing into a virtuoso fingerpicker. In addition to his career as a live performer and recording artist, he soon became a top endorsee for Yamaha, presenting the company’s newest acoustics at workshops all over Europe. He currently also works closely with Acoustic Music label boss Peter Finger on video projects, workshops and tours as well as writing regular contributions for the online magazine Acoustic Player.

Steve Baker
Few musicians can claim to have made their living for over 35 years from and with the harmonica, but Steve Baker is undoubtedly one of them. Like Goodman, he’s at home in a wide range of genres. His expressively original and melodic style goes far beyond the blues and has earned him a reputation as one of today’s leading European harmonica artists, with an impressive and varied list of credits to his name. He left his native London with the crazed acoustic bluesband Have Mercy in 1976 and moved to Germany, where he subsequently spent the 1980s performing with Rock&Roll legend Tony Sheridan, accompanying the groundbreaking German political singer Franz-Josef Degenhardt, playing in punk and rock bands and working as a studio musician on countless record, film soundtrack, TV and jingle productions. In 1990 he began a lengthy association with European blues icon Abi Wallenstein which has lasted to this day. He also released four highly regarded CDs with American guitarist and singer/songwriter Chris Jones. Since the late 1980s Steve Baker has been retained as a consultant by the Hohner company, the world’s leading harmonica manufacturer, in the areas of development and public relations. A respected author of harmonica literature and an experienced workshop instructor, he has initiated and co-organized several music education events including the European Music Workshops in La Maison du Kleebach in Alsace, France, where Dave Goodman has also taught guitar since 2010.

Oliver Spanuth
Atmospheric groove master Oliver Spanuth began his studies with Jeff Boudreaux at the American Institute of music in Vienna. Later he attended the HFK School of Arts in Bremen, where he studied with Charly Antolini and Helge Zumdiek, before joining the renowned Kontaktstudiengang in Hamburg to take classes with Jim Chapin and Udo Dahmen. He then spent several months in Los Angeles, where he had the opportunity to study under the great jazz drummer Jeff Hamilton, who probably had the greatest influence on his subsequent career. However, Spanuth’s accomplished stickwork is by no means restricted to jazz and has led him to work in many different genres. Thanks to his versatility and dynamic range he has performed and recorded with numerous German and international artists including Stefan Gwildis, Achim Reichel, Ian Cussick or Big Daddy Wilson. His playing provides the grooving and dynamic basis for the music of the Dave Goodman Band. Spanuth provides the necessary drive to push the music, without ever once getting in the way of the other instruments. He has the groove and the power to take the lead and define the beat, but also the sensitivity and musical ear to know when it’s time to lay back and reduce things to the bare essentials with tender, delicate strokes of minimalist rhythm.

It’s always refreshing to hear musicians with this level of technical ability who prefer to use their instrumental skills to serve the songs, rather than merely demonstrating their virtuosity. This band can boast three such players. Sometimes a real power trio, sometimes a sensitive, almost classically oriented chamber group, the Dave Goodman Band offers a fascinating concert experience with great original songs, beautiful solo work and a high degree of fun and relaxed entertainment.

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